Through prayer, personal evangelism, passionate worship, proactive small groups, and purposeful community ministry, we are a community of believers seeking dynamic growth of God’s Kingdom.

Passionate Worship


We believe passionate worship which leads people, both personally and corporately, into the presence of God has the power to change hearts, attitudes, perspectives, and lives. When we worship passionately we will no longer be asking ourselves, “What can I get out of this?” and start asking, “How can I offer my life as a living sacrifice to God to be used to build His Kingdom?”

Proactive Small Groups


We believe proactive small groups are vital to the life of the church. Through prayer, ministry, learning, and living life together, small groups offer an opportunity to grow deeper – both in your relationship with God and with other people.



We believe prayer changes things. We believe prayer changes us. Because of this truth, we desire to be a people demonstrating our dependency on God by taking everything to Him in prayer and praising Him for His unfailing love and faithfulness.

Purposeful Community Ministry


We believe ministry is not exclusive to people who claim Christ, but to all who need Christ – everyone! Our desire is to develop, support, and serve in purposeful, effective ministries that meet the needs of the community and builds the Kingdom of God.

Personal Evangelism


We believe Christ is the only way to regain a right relationship with God and spend eternity with Him. Our desire is to share the redemptive love of God to everyone.